Greetings from Katihar
in Jesus matchless name

Yesterday we had food distribution in Pranpur among 170 families. Most or the receivers were widows or handicapped people. We also got to help orphan Girl who lost both parents in her childhood. She use to beg in her neighbor for food. At least now she has food for herself for a month. While visiting Pranpur village I felt that need is so realistic and people are in terrible condition. I wish we can do some more for them in this crises period.

I request if there is more fund then we can do some more relief work in Pranpur area. Over one hundred thousand people resides in Pranpur Village if we can support at least 700 families with food packets will be a great reinforcement in this crisis’s situation. Please let me know if there are any possibilities.

I am also sending you few pictures from Yesterday and Todays distribution among BVK children and in Pranpur village.

Regards, Raja Samuel

Album som viser hjelpearbeid blant fattige og sultne mennesker i Bihar


Veien til Pranpur Block hvor dalitene bor To dalitkvinner sitter ved veikanten og venter på hjelp